Lemon Basil Planter


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Paper Folding Tests

For his project I was asked to make a planter that could keep Lemon Basil alive during the first frost. This plant needed an average amout of water and a lot of sunlight. From the start of the project I wanted to include a rain collection system. This was mainly because I knew I was going to forget to water it on a regular basis. Yupo Paper, piano wire and shrink wrap were the only materials we could use. I experimented with different ways of folding the yupo paper. I settledon a pattern that allowed the paper to curl. I then reversed the pattern and connected it in the center, This created a cone. The cone became my water collection system once I cut holes in the top. This was then connected to the pot for my plant that was folded out of the yupo paper. I used the piano wire to create a frame for the shink wrap to go over the plant to trap heat. I hung the planter from a fence; that allowed for good sunlight. The plant survied for months and showed no sign of dying.